Quick Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe

Buttermilk Biscuits
These are a rich buttery biscuit that add to any meal.

I get everything ready and set out on my island. I am the type of cook that enjoys using my favorite set of stainless mixing bowls, baking pan, spoon, Silicone Mat, stainless steel grater, and Set of measuring cups & Spoons!  Yes I like Stoneware and pioneer woman has some very pretty options! The nice thing about PW sets is you do not have to match, you can easily mix and match and it all seems to go together.

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Concession events for 2019 & MAJOR CHANGE


Tender Fresh Hot Juicy Lamb Chislic

We are so excited to see the start of the summer concession event season this year. We have been searching east river far and wide, for additional events to add to our calendar here in South Dakota!

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Sorting Sheep on Our Family Farm

On our family farm there is the right way, the wrong way, and Bob’s (Dads)  way! Our farm dates back a long way. Built well before we purchased and moved onto it in 1969.  My father was raised on a farm, his father was raised on a farm and his grandfather was raised on a farm, so on and so forth! It was never a question of “if” we would have a farm, it was “when” we have a farm.

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Cheese Wax Aging and Preserving Cheese

Preserving and aging Cheese with Cheese Wax

Waxing cheese is the best way to preserve it and age it for long term storage.

As a side benefit cheese wax keeps out any unwanted beasts like mold.
You can also use cheese wax to store and age cheese you buy at the store.

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How to Elastrator Band Bloodless Castrate Lambs

We offer you a step by step guide to Elastrator band, bloodless castration.

Castration Bander Forceps Pliers Tail Dock Cattle Sheep Goat & 100Pcs Castrator Rings

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