HOW TO Care for Baby Chicks

A Guide to the Care of Baby Chicks

Caring for baby chicks

Initially chicks do not need much room because they spend most their time sleeping. This allows you to start with a smaller area, keeping the baby chicks close to the heat, food and water and gradually increase the amount of room they have. This will avoid conflicts, stress amongst the group.

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Chicken Supplies ON SALE


Spring is coming… Not in South Dakota yet… but many states are seeing green grass and planting gardens.

What else goes with homestead SPRING?


BABY Chicks, ducks, guineas, turkeys and so much more.

Remember the statement last year, NO MORE? Yeah, ummm right, until you see the sweet little fluffy butts. Hey not judging, I am as guilty as anyone of you. Every year my husband has to pull me away from the tanks at my local farm supply store!

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